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Share life events securely and privately.

Share News is the simple way to share your life with the people you love.

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Share news with family and friends

Keep up with family and friends in secure, private channels

Quick Updates

Tell people what's going on with a quick status update about what's new or what's on your mind.

Share Photos

With three ways to post pictures: Upload existing pics, take photos right in the app, or upload from the internet, it is simple and enjoyable to share pics with you family & friends.

Share Videos

Share videos with family and friends. Upload an existing video or take videos in the app. Enjoy videos ad-free that your friends and family post.

Share Audio

Add an audio message to convey a bit more than with a text update. You can even share a funny voicemail or your latest karaoke performance.

Share Links

See something of particular interest online? Share a link to it and a comment with the people you know will enjoy it.

Share Emojis

In a certain mood (or a hurry) and don't want to write, just post an emoji to tell people how you're feeling. You can add a quick blurb if you would like too.

Share Stories

Add complete stories with embedded pictures, audio, and video. Great for blog posts, trip reports, family history, creative writing, and other in-depth writings.

Share Events

Create an event and send invitations and track attendees. Then everyone who attended can post pictures and videos of the event. Great for parties, weddings, trips, and other social gatherings.

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Easy to Use

Share News is designed to make it incredibly simple to use -- from children to grandparents and everyone in between. If you want something to work a certain way, just ask. You are the customer.


Working on family history? You can add family collaborators and everyone can post to the same channel all at the same time.


Share News is built for you. If you want something to work a certain way, just ask. You are the customer and we are open to mofifying the application to work for you.

Fully Managable Timelines

You can add and update a real timeline as you see fit. Want to add a picture from your life ten years ago? No problem. It will be placed in your time where you would like it to be.

Real-Time Updates

Our platform takes advantage of modern technologies to show you real-time updates from your family and friends.

Strong Passwords

You can have as strong of a password as you would like -- no arbitrary limitations on length or character types.

Secure Management

Your content is never exposed to the public unless you choose to allow it. All channels are managed by the channel owner and managers if assigned.

Bank-Level Security

Share News uses SSL/TLS and 256-bit AES encryption to both transfer and store your private data, the same level of encryption used by leading banks.

All plans include complete privacy.

Simply choose the plan that works for you.

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