About Share News

Connecting people with what's new

Share News is a web and mobile app that makes sharing life with family and friends simple, private, and secure. You are the customer, not the product.

Share News is 100% focussed on serving our customers. We have no investors or advertisers. We will not sell you out or pimp your data.

Share your news with friends and family for only $3.33/month (about 11 cents/day). If you only want to read other people's news. The "Guest" plan is free. We also have family discounts. See all plans.

What can you do on Share News?

  • Create channels that are private for members you invite, the Share News community, or public.
  • Post messages, photos, videos, events, links, and audio about what's new in your life to channels.
  • Follow and comment on news posted by your friends, family, and associates.
  • Filter your news feed by multiple criteria.
  • Send private messages to people you know.
  • Manage your address book. Always have up-to-date contact information for friends and family.
  • Publish blog stories for the world to see that are accessible at share.news/your_name.

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