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Share News is a secure, collaborative environment to share news with family and friends

Share News - A collaborative environment for family and friends

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Easily post text, pictures, and video for your family and friends to enjoy. Write in-depth storys or travel reports with embedded pictures and videos.

Comment and give emojis

Reward your friends & family with emojis or get into a conversation with comments. Fully threaded discussions makes it easy to follow who's replying to who.

Share Channels

Create channels to share by topic and/or with specific people or publish a public blog. You have complete control over who participates in your channels discussions.

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The Share News platform is always available and blazing fast, ensuring you can share news with family and friends from anywhere in the world with a full-featured, browser-based interface and an elegent mobile app.

Share News maintains it's own server hardware at the IronMountain data center in Denver, Colorado. We do not share your content with Amazon, Google, or Microsoft clouds.

Your content will never be sold or given to third parties -- not even for "analysis". We keep your data private.


Comment on News and Events

Send an emoji or post a comment of your family's and friends' news.

Full threaded discussions make it easy to follow the conversation.

Private channels keep the rif-raf out of your conversations. Only share with who you want to share with.


Create channels to share with specific people

Create channels to share news with specific people. Each channel can have its own members and multiple people can post to the same channel.

Channels have their own fully customizable look and feel.

You can subscribe to specific channels from a person. So you may love their kid pics but don't care what they are eating for dinner. Subscribe to their kid channel but not their food channel (or visaversa)

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* of cells in my body

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